Delivery like a Boomerang?

Isn’t being a photographer is all about having an expensive camera and clicking a button to make magic happen? Well, contrary to Uncle Bob with his shiny new DSLR, at least 50% of being a photographer is the art of being able to communicate effectively.

Being able to speak to people, to make them feel at ease and to help provide direction to achieve an image they would love to look at, can be as hard as learning the technical aspects of using your camera. It can be the difference between having a great shot or annoying your couple for the rest of the day (and getting bad reviews).

From personal experience, using words or phrases like “relax” or “try to look natural” can actually have a boomerang effect and make your couple feel more self conscious. Their face can become more concentrated as they realise you can see they look uncomfortable and they start to lose confidence.

Recently we heard from a bride that their wedding photographer said to them “Look like you love each other” – Well, let’s just say the bride wasn’t impressed with that.  This is the hardest thing with wedding photography, as the photographer would have meant this with candid intent and maybe expected a laugh or a smile from them – however every couple is different.

It is very important for us to get to know you before your wedding so we understand a little bit about your personality, how you interact together. Whether you’re playful, more reserved, exuberant or full of magnetism – we want to work with you and make it work for you. So phrases like “relax” or “try and look more natural” are not needed and are just happening in front of the camera.

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Let us know your experience of some boomerang words or phrases that photographers have used in the past that had the opposite effect to their intention.