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So, this week, one of our friends and preferred wedding suppliers Your Wedding Entertainment will be providing insight into their experience in the premium wedding entertainment business.

Wedding Entertainers…Its Not All About You

We are firm believers in the philosophy that the choice of entertainment can ‘make or break’ the big day, and too often it is something that is overlooked, and put to the bottom of the priority list. Ah! There’s the subject for another blog! Anyway, what the premium wedding entertainers understand is that the day is not ALL about them. In fact, they only perform for an average of 90 minutes to 2 hours, that’s not a huge chunk of the entire day now is it?

City Rooms, Leicester. ©Charnwood Weddings

City Rooms, Leicester. ©Charnwood Weddings

Sounds obvious right? But where we’ve seen many an entertainer go wrong over the years is thinking that they are headlining Wembley or the Apollo in their own right, not that they are there creating special memories for the couple that have booked them for, lets face it, a huge occasion and landmark day in their lives. It really is a privilege to be helping somebody celebrate their big day, and we should never lose sight of that.

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