"I hate having my photo taken" | Leicester wedding photographer

Good morning you beautiful people! We wanted to give you a bit of background on us as people and photographers. Julie and I met each other while studying photography at Leicester College and have been good friends ever since. We're both very passionate about photography and often chat about our excitement when we see an old textured rustic door, beautiful light falling during the golden hour or some mesmerising leading lines drawing us in to a subject. Recently, over a cup of tea at Odd John's Kitchen in Quorn (Definitely worth a visit), we were discussing a phrase we hear at almost every photo shoot - "I hate having my photo taken"

In a world where we all like to pout for a selfie (don't we all?), this got us thinking back to our college days, when we had to pose for each other as models and how we felt in that situation. Suffice to say, it wasn't the most enjoyable experience and sometimes looking back on the images we didn't always like what we saw or how we were posing. We started to understand that being posed can make you feel wooden and we start to lose our personality or ability to have fun in that image - in particular you can lose your natural smile or glint in the eye that other people see. 


With many hours of learning and development, we individually both found a way in which we like to capture our subjects and decided we wanted to do this as a full time career. As well as photographing weddings Julie and I both have our own businesses - Julie is a successful family and children portrait photographer and I am an experienced press and commercial photographer. Through our experience of working with all age groups in different locations and weather conditions  - we have developed our own unique way to produce a "natural posed" style of photography that brings out your real smile and emotions. We want you to feel confident and to trust that we will capture these precious moments for generations to come.

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We didn’t even realise the pictures were being taken, it just makes me love them even more
— Faye Whittingham

We like to feel that we are observers of your day that step in every so often to provide subtle guidance providing you with a gallery of wedding photos that show you at your natural best.

Our approach is to capture moments that you can cherish for generations to come. Moments that your children and grandchildren can look at and feel the emotion you felt on your wedding day and pass that on to their children. 

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If you are interested in booking us for a wedding, would like to discuss your requirements or just say hello - please contact us.  We can't wait to hear about the best day of your lives!