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To pose or not to pose, that is that question? Well, this is really for you to decide. I'm sure you've seen many beautiful wedding images where you've said - "I want some beautiful natural images like that for my wedding" or "I love that idea and I'd like to try something creative like this". Well, what does that mean? How do we achieve these images for you? Well, let's try and break it down...

There's various names used for different types of wedding photography and we will try and explain what we do to achieve a certain image.

  • Documentary photography - This is a style of photography where the person behind the camera blends into the background and lets your day pass by as if they weren't there. As part of our style, we do this throughout the day to capture natural emotions, smiles, tears, laughter of you and your guests from preparations in the morning until you hit the dance floor. This is the purest form of what you would call "natural images".
  • Traditional Photography - This is a style you would usually see in your parents and grandparents wedding albums. They're mainly images of the bride and groom together with members of their family outside of the church or at the wedding venue. It focuses more on the key shots as set by you and as photographers we will spend a lot more time organising you all for the formal shots.
  • Contemporary - This is more a more creative and modern style. This is a very staged type of photography where as a photographer we will look to find great locations, amazing backdrops and interesting angles to create a more unique set of images for you based on our creative style. 

We try not to pigeon hole ourselves in one type of photography, as we usually capture a blend of all of the above throughout the day. However, in our initial consultation we like to understand what type of photography you like, and we then help to manage your expectations on how to achieve this.

On many occasions, we hear the words, we just want natural images. That's great, but we like to look at examples of what you deem to be a natural image. Sometimes this is a documentary image and sometimes it is a contemporary one. Some natural images will require a form of instruction or posing and some won't. However, during our pre-wedding shoot, you will get the opportunity to work with us to understand how we achieve this look.

We have also had wedding couples who know exactly what they want, right down to the image and posing. This is also great as it can help to manage our expectations. We are naturally creative people, and our style will be part of the image, but we understand that creativity is a two way street and we love to hear your ideas.


So, to pose or not to pose... that is the question? Well, only you will be able to decide by talking to us! Get in touch for a free consultation and we would love to hear about your plans for the day and how we can capture your special day as you want it.

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